Belarusian authorities block two websites with financial info

Telegram deletes GUBOPiK channel

Apple ‘mistakenly’ blocks developers from Belarus then apologizes Developers later received letters of apology

Blocked ‘First Region’ website declared ‘extremist’

Komsomolskaya Pravda closes its Belarusian office in wake of arresting journo, blocking website The Russian media outlet Komsomolskaya Pravda is about to liquidate…

Authorities set to block news website The prosecutor's office of Hrodna region has decided to restrict access to the…

Google and Apple remove ‘Navalny’ app related to ‘Smart Voting’ The app published news from Alexei Navalny's team. It also had access…

Lukashenka authorizes Internet blocking Failure to block the internet could mean a withdrawn license

OAC under Lukashenka stands to turn off Internet in Belarus Those who disobey will be punished

Protesters block roads in Minsk Roads have been blocked for the third day in a row

Security forces start to close off roads to Minsk Not far from Minsk, traffic police posts have been reinforced by uniformed people.