2020.01.17 16:37

SBU accuses Belarus border guard of recruiting Ukrainian citizen

2019.12.27 16:14 Updated

Arrests and fines: Belarusians persecuted over protesting against integration with Russia

2019.12.25 17:03

Two Belarusians carrying 6 kg of cocaine detained in Nepal

2019.12.23 15:19

Minsk: Election observer released from jail

2019.12.19 14:04

Minsk: Anti-integration activists detained, jailed

2019.12.13 15:21 Updated

Minsk: Lawyer barred from visiting activist in prison

2019.11.04 12:21 Updated

‘Kicking and jumping on us’. Kurapaty defenders report police abuse

2019.10.15 14:34 Updated

‘Betrayal’. Belarus detains, frees Russian citizen suspected of meddling in US elections

2019.09.17 06:05

Actor beaten up by Russian National Guard sentenced to 3.5 years

2019.09.11 13:32

Lukashenka loses? Nearly 500 Belarusians involved in corruption stand trial in H1 2019

2019.08.12 07:13

Protests in Russia: 339 people detained across country

2019.08.05 09:46

Moscow: Criminal case opened against participant in Saturday’s protest rally

2019.07.30 08:26

Arrests and trials: Moscow activists in crosshairs

2019.07.09 12:18 Updated

Belsat Near You: Crew detained in Hantsavichy

2019.07.08 12:42

Russia set to help its citizens detained over Independence Day tragedy in Minsk