Andrey Dzmitryeu

Belarus authorities close down NGO Tell The Truth
On October 8, Nadzeya Sablina, an employee of the state-run Minsk Pravda newspaper, reported the Supreme Court’s decision to liquidate the non-government organisation Tell The Truth.
Belarus authorities seeking to close down NGO Tell The Truth
The Belarusian Justice Ministry filed a lawsuit seeking the liquidation the non-government organisation Tell The Truth. The court session is to be held on October 5, news agency BelaPAN reports.
Authorities warn candidates of ‘possible provocations’ at pre-election events
On July 29, CEC Chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshyna summoned all the presidential candidates to the Belarusian Central Election Commission without giving any reason.
Valer Tsapkala: I will fight for every signature
The former head of the HTP plans to appeal against the decision of the commissions.
And then there are six: Hi Tech Park founder denied presidential candidate registration
Valery Tsapkala will no longer take part in the presidential race. After the check conducted by the Central Election Commission (CEC), only 75,000 signatures collected for his presidency nomination have been accepted as valid.
Dzmitryeu’s campaign office: 100K signatures for presidency nomination collected
The initiative group has collected 100,000 signatures for nominating Andrey Dzmitryeu for presidency, campaign chief Syarhei Vaznyak said on Tuesday.
Former MP says 100K signatures for presidency nomination collected
Hanna Kanapatskaya’s initiative group has collected 100,000 signatures. In accordance with the electoral law, it is enough for her nomination for the presidential election.
More than thousand attend pre-election pickets of Lukashenka’s rivals (photos)
On June 7, as was the case a week and two weeks ago, the initiative groups of potential presidential candidates were collecting signatures for their nomination. Pre-election pickets took place in about 30 Belarusian cities and towns.