How come that arms business stood at the origins of telecommunication provider “beCloud”?
About 10 years ago Belarus authorities introduced a big telecommunication operator “Belarus Cloud Technologies”.The company partially belongs to anonymous offshore companies. All other mobile operators and other state enterprises have to pay these middle companies. Journalists for the “Davaite razbiratsia” program conducted their own investigation of the scheme
Offshore in Orsha trying to circumvent sanctions and satisfy Kremlin
In recent years businessmen close to Alexander Lukashenko were sanctioned by Europe in connection with making profits for the top authorities. Russian government wanted to impose sanctions for re-export of sanctioned goods. But our team «Davaite razbiratsia» found out that none of the sides succeeded in doing so
Ex-deputy chief of Vilnius prison promotes the interests of BelAZ
How did the manufacturer of dump trucks BelAZ avoid sanctions, and what will happen with new supplies?
Pandora Papers: How Sheiman’s son mined gold in Africa
The investigators of Davaite Razbiratsia (Let’s Deal With It) program found out, which Belarusian businesspersons gained the opportunity to make money on exploration of minerals in Zimbabwe.
Delta virus: New schemes and stats fraud
Pricey medicine, secret victims, nepotism. Belarus fight against Coronavirus
How Belarusian corridor of irregular migration works
Who is the real organisator? Who controls the flow of illegal immigrants? In whose hands have real people become a weapon and in whose – goods? How much have smugglers made this year? And how much have Belarus authorities earned?
“Participants remain the same although prices are growing”. Consequences of reforms in “Belenergo”
Earlier in 2021 Belarus officials reported about the recent reforms in the energy sector
Putin’s best friend and Lukashenko’s wallet
Who and how cherry-picks the political decisions between Kiev, Moscow and Minsk? In our new article we present a joint investigation conducted with the help of the famous Ukranian programme “Schemes”
How the corrupt pyramid in Belarus works
Final snatch – this is how a well-known analyst Sergei Chalyi described the latest actions of the authorities on sharing a piece between businessmen being in tight connection with them. How true are these facts and how does it happen in reality? On what scale do the laundry schemes operate? Where does the money go and what was the authorities’ reaction to our investigation? In this article we summarise another year of our investigative journalism, bringing separate episodes together into a full story.
Friends of the family. New connections in robbing the healthcare budget
Who and how makes money off public overpayments for fake Belarusian medicines?
Revenue from cigarette sales goes to UAE offshores
Revenue from cigarette sales goes to UAE offshores. How Belarusian oligarchs’ illegal tobacco business works. Investigation BelsatTV together with the Lithuanian investigative portal and the International Center for Investigation of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP)
Lukashenka's daughter-in-law involved in billion-dollar business
Serbian businessmen Karić have changed beneficiaries in their Belarusian projects. As we learned through the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), «Emirates Blue Sky», «Dubai Water Front» and «Dana Astra» were previously linked to Dana Holdings Limited with the office in Nicosia through a network of Cypriot offshore companies. Since the beginning of last December, the ultimate owner of the assets has been the Emirati company Enterprise Development Holding Limited, which is backed by Mustafa Al Tobgi. This person was the Managing Director of the Dana Holdings group of companies.
Where does the budget money for medicine disappear?
How the Ministry of Health withdraws budget money through businessmen close to the leadership
How Lukashenka’s bagmen bypass sanctions
How Lukashenka’s oil baron hiding from sanctions
Mikalai Varabei is perhaps the only private supplier of oil products in Belarus
Business and wealth of Viktar Sheiman. How Belarusian smuggling schemes work
Globalcustom-Management associated with the Presidential Affairs Management (the PAM)
How do real estate scammers rob Belarusians?
Ternavsky's oil schemes. How do businessmen close to Lukashenko move millions of dollars offshore and avoid EU sanctions?
How do businessmen close to Lukashenko move millions of dollars offshore and avoid EU sanctions?
Who is who in Belarus' grey business schemes
The Kraken of Corruption
What is Lukashenko’s business empire built on?