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2017.09.09 00:33 update

Protest against ‘West-2017’ military exercise and celebration of victory over Moscow

2017.09.05 13:55 Відэа

Autumn is here: Keep calm and watch Belsat TV

2017.08.09 11:12 Відэа

How Belarus sells goods to separatist republics: new facts

2017.07.15 09:17 Відэа

Russian troops danger for Belarus — NATO

2017.07.12 05:46 Відэа

Lukashenka in power for 23 years. Have they changed him?

2016.09.22 13:07 Відэа

Window dressing in Homiel: City ready to welcome Belarus leader

2016.09.19 09:43 Відэа

25 years ago: Pahonya emblem, white-red-white flag recognized state symbols

2016.09.15 11:05 Відэа

Belarus opposition in zugzwang for long time – expert

2016.09.13 03:54 Відэа

Zmitser Dashkevich trolls policeman wearing ‘Russia’ cap (VIDEO)

2016.08.26 15:48 Відэа

Russia, Lukashenka, own indifference: What is threat to Belarus’ independence?