2018.09.20 10:28

Not patrolling, but consulting: Russian police at European Games in Minsk

2018.04.19 21:00

Minister Shunevich spoke on drones that disappeared during Freedom Day

2018.02.21 16:01 Video

Belarus minister praises police’s work during elections. Who to blame for beating Belsat cameraman?

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Belarusian Interior Minister promises ‘ruthless’ liberalization of legislation

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Lust for control or safety reasons? Lukashenka creating nationwide monitoring system

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Belarus Interior Ministry set to buy unmanned aerial vehicles

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Accomodation centers for illegal migrants to appear in Belarus in 2018 – Interior Minister

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Interior Minister considers web criticism of police abuse as start of colour revolution

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Volunteer fighters may bring trouble to Belarus from Ukraine – Interior Minister

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Journalists waging information war on Belarus police – Interior Minister

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‘Putin’s regime our common enemy’: Belarusians fighting for Ukraine respond to Interior Ministry’s warning

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Belarus police arrest man with Russian flag who provoked protesters on election day