2017.12.11 13:27

Lukashenka to Belarus IT sector: Earn money, but there must be order

2017.12.06 08:34

Lukashenka most popular CIS leader in Russia — VCIOM

2017.11.28 11:18

‘Stay united!’ Lukashenka set to deepen cooperation with Venezuela’s Maduro

2017.11.24 15:58

Belarusian people against abolishing death penalty – president

2017.11.24 13:53

No Moscow link: Lukashenka comments on Belarus-Ukraine spy row

2017.10.11 11:19

Will Belarus benefit from Lukashenka’s possible participation in EaP summit?

2017.10.02 12:45

Belarus-EU relations normalized, new peaks to be conquered – Lukashenka

2017.09.27 08:35 Video

Lukashenka met with Ramzan Kadyrov: Putin, LGBT, but not a word about Crimea

2017.09.08 14:42

Belarus, Russia should agree on mutual recognition of visas – Lukashenka

2017.08.31 07:10

Lukashenka surprises reporters with sack of potatoes for wedding

2017.08.08 14:39

Lukashenka promises to remove all barriers for business initiative

2017.08.07 16:01

In pursuit of harvest: Belarus president to visit troubled farms

2017.08.03 15:48

‘We should make them work!’ Lukashenka orders to update ‘parasite’ decree by October

2017.08.02 11:37

Lukashenka to officials: Stop monkeying around! Harvest is your responsibility

2017.08.01 10:31

Longed-for $500 salary for Belarusians. Govt fails to fulfil Lukashenka’s order