2017.12.07 04:25

‘Belsat TV’ reporter Volha Czajczyc not afraid of courts and fines

2017.11.30 14:01 Video

Kastus Zhukouski heavily fined for contributing to Belsat

2017.11.29 14:35

Russian politicians contemplating fines and arrests for ‘foreign agents’

2017.11.14 16:23

Activist fined for participating in March of Outraged Belarusians 2.0

2017.11.01 03:14 Video

BATE FC sues fan for running out on field

2017.10.20 15:46 Video

Journalist Valeryia Ulasik heavily fined for contribution to Belsat

2017.08.04 11:21

Another protocol drawn upon Belsat TV contributor

2017.06.16 09:57

Protest Spring-2017: Total $9K fine for Belsat TV journalists

2017.03.17 15:26

Homiel: Belsat TV contributor fined for covering ‘non-parasite’ protest

2017.01.05 14:03

Opposition leaders fined for picket in support of Belsat TV

2016.04.16 04:00 Дадалося новае відэа

Kanstantsin Zhukousky sews his mouth in protest (18+)

2016.04.05 20:00 Дадалося відэа

Journalist helps people and gets fined $260

2016.03.30 12:43

Statkevich threatened with travel ban for failure to pay fine

2016.03.19 20:28

Freelancer from Homiel to pay the state 78 million in fines

2016.01.05 14:55 Video

Activists sentenced for solidarity rallies