‘We will bury you’: Activist bullied for reporting Belarussophobic articles

Dzyanis Rabyanok, an activist of the United Civic Party, may be accused of insulting the head of state.

As reported earlier, the activist filed a complaint against Belarusian-born authors who derided our country as a heavily dependent ‘pseudostate’ in their articles published on Russia’s Regnum news agency website.

A bit later, Belarusians Yury Paulavets (pennames Mikalay Radau and Pavel Yuryntsau), Dzmitry Alimkin (penname Alla Bronand Syarhei Shyptsenka were detained on December, 5-6The Belarusian Investigative Committee initiated criminal cases under article 130 (inciting hatred) against them. Paulavets criticized the Belarusian authorities for their contribution to the ‘nationalism’ while Alimkin called Belarus a ‘mad pseudostate’. As for Shyptsenka, the ideas of the ‘artificial’ nature of Belarusian statehood and the need for ‘reunification’ with Russia run through his publications like a golden thread.

However, former employee of the presidential Administration Vyachaslau Safonau, who is notorious for his anti-Semitic statements, reported Rabyanok’s activity on the Internet to the police. According to the ex-official, in his posts Rabyanok keeps insulting Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

As a result, an enquiry into Dzyanis Rabyanok’s activity was launched. A policeman visited Mr Rabyanok and asked him about comments he had ever made on the Internet. Moreover, unknown fans of the so-called ‘Russian World’ started to bully the activist on web.

“Until I changed privacy settings, I received a lot of messages like ‘you will die and we will bury you’, but they were sent by anonymous people who used fake accounts,” Dzyanis Rabyanok told Belsat TV.


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