Finland wary of NPP to be built by ‘Rosatom’

Russian threat to Finland is growing, states a report of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA).

The authors urge the Finnish authorities to remain vigilant, given that Russia could use its energy projects for political purposes. Also, the authorities should prepare for the possible “non-traditional” conflicts, as well as to continue military cooperation with the West.

As an example of the possible use of Russian energy projects for political pressure could be the construction of the nuclear power plant in Fennovoima Pyuhaёki which is in the West of Finland.
The leading role in the construction of nuclear power will be played by the Russian state corporation “Rosatom”.

The report notes that the Finnish security services believe that gaining control of the energy policy in Finland was the main goal of Russian intelligence in 2015. According to the Finnish Institute for Foreign Affairs, this objective remains relevant for Russia.

The researchers advise Finnish companies to refrain from strategic investments in Russia due to the uncertain economic situation in the country.,

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