Seeming liberalization. Belarusian authorities arrest, fine, suppress again

Call-up papers to the police, putting a woman into a mental hospital, arrests of activists: those who protesting the so-called ‘parasite’ law are facing increasing pressure from the authorities. The Belarusian regime simply cannot remain ‘liberalized’ for long.

Arrested for protests, tried for porn

Mahiliou resident Stanislau Paulinkovich’s page in social network VKontakte is full of calls for participating in protests against decree Nr 3 and information about soon-to-be rallies. However, the police raided his flat and seized a computer claiming that the man was involved in porno peddling raided and seized a computer.

Persecutions in Brest, Minsk

After Sunday’s protest in Brest, some representatives of the Belarusian anarchist movement were held administratively liable. Andrey Dzenyushkin, Dzmitry Lyauchuk and Ruslan Chalikau were sentenced to 5 days in jail, Alyaksandr Kazlyanok – to 4 days.

It was the policemen who witnessed in court; they had difficulty identifying the participants of the march, because the latter were wearing masks.

Leninski district court imposed BYN 575 fine on Brest activist Andrey Sharenda (appr. $300). He was preventively detained on March 3 and put into a predetention center.

On Tuesday, Kurapaty defender Syarhei Palcheuski was sentenced to 10 days in custody under Article 23 of the Administrative Code (participating in an unsanctioned rally). It is still unknown which protest action is the case. The authorities might be retaliating for his defending Kurapaty, Palcheuski’s mother told Belsat TV.

Two protocols were drawn on Minsk activist Volha Nikalaichyk: one for her participation in the action against the decree on parasitism and the other – for leaving a ‘rotten soup’ for Belarusian officials at the building of the Ministry of Taxes.

If the court is not on her side, Volha Nikalaichyk will appeal the sentence.

Opposition parties in search for truth

Meanwhile, activists of the United Civic Party and the Belarusian Christian Democracy filed a complaint against unlawful detention to the prosecutor’s office. On Sunday, Vital Rymasheuski, Anatol Lyabedzka and Volha Kavalkova failed to get to Brest where a protest action was held. Traffic police stopped and detained their car claiming that it had been stolen.

However, the activists say they are not afraid of being pressurized. They intend to participate in further protests and uphold the right to express their own opinion.

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