New luxury residence of Lukashenka gets public attention

According to the anonymous sources of “Belsat” and residents of the Sharshuny village, placed near the estate, for several years there have been work done on the luxurious residential complex for the head of Belarus. President Lukashenka regularly visits the place. The facility has a swimming pool, saunas, tennis courts, housing for workers, helipad.

Entry to the estate is prohibited for regular people. Still, the short road that is being continuously cleaned is quite busy. The area looks more like a resort, not like a construction site.

The land belongs to the “Krasnoselskaye” State Forestry Agency, which in turn reports to the Office of the President.

The estate is surrounded by wood, and in three and a half kilometers there is a base of C-300 air defense units.

In 2015, “Nasha Niva” counted 16 estates across the country belonging to the Belarusian ruler.

Ihar Kuley, Belsat

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