Moscow actor sentenced to 8 months in penal settlement for touching officer’s arm

Moscow actor Yuri Kuliy (28) attempted to stop a National Guard officer who was beating a protester during an anti-corruption rally in March.

As a result, Kuliy was accused of using violence to an official who complained of ‘being in physical distress’.

The National Guard which directly reports to president Vladimir Putin was established to counter ‘colour revolutions’. On March 26, its officers were tasked to pacify the peaceful protest against corruption in the Russian government which was initiated by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. When they were detaining a protester, Kuliy tried to come to help and seized one of the guards by the arm. The photo taken by the Russian Investigative Committee shows the moment when the 28-year-old man moves the officer’s arm away. However, the investigators and the court considered that act as violence.

The member of the pro-Kremlin SERB organization Alexander Petrunko, who is suspected of splashing brilliant green paint on Navalny was witnessing against Kuliy in court. Although Navalny may go blind in one eye, Petrunko is at liberty. Kuliy has been in jail for nearly a month.

The actor admitted his guilt and apologized to the ‘injured’ officer. However, judge Maria Sizintseva sentenced him to 8 months of penal settlement.

Moreover, the Russian Investigative Committee accused another four persons of using violence against officers. following


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