Minsker may get 6-year jail term for getting naked during parade rehearsal

The investigation of the criminal case against a 33-year-old Minsk resident who was nude in public during the rehearsal of the military parade on Independence Day has been completed.

“As established by investigators, in the evening, the 33-year resident of Minsk came out on the road and put out his genitals in front of a column of military vehicles in Arlouskaya street,” the report says.

The man was drunk, and his actions ‘grossly violated public order and ‘expressed clear disrespect for society,’ the investigators stress.

He will stand trial soon.

As reported earlier, on June 24 the Minsker took off his pants during the parade rehearsal. He was showing his privy parts for about thirty seconds. When a police officer approached him, the offender punched him and fled.

The man was arrested and accused of hooliganism and putting the arm on the police. He is facing up to six years in prison.


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