Lukashenka on Victory Day: World on brink of war, Belarus’ fifth column sleeping with enemy

Belsat TV live stream on Victory Day in Minsk

The Belarusian people will always admire the courage of their countrymen who went through the hellfire of war, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka said during a ceremony at the Victory Monument to mark the 72nd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

However, making his speech, the Belarusian leader was not slow to slam opposition activists accusing them of playing into hands of some ‘enemy’, allegedly NATO countries. According to him, humanity has come to ‘the brink of a new big war’.

“We see military arsenals build up near our borders. Literally next door, in the former Soviet republics, they set up military bases, conduct combat drills. Using our domestic fifth column they are trying to destabilize the situation inside the country,” he stressed.

In addition, Lukashenka warned Belarusians against attempts to ‘rewrite history’.

“The crimes of the Nazis cannot be erased from the memory. Everybody should know this, including those who are making the attempts to rewrite the history today, those who are trying to take the Great Victory away from our nation. This must not be allowed,” he said.

Most European countries celebrate the victory on May 8 remembering the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces. Russia, Belarus and many other former Soviet republics commemorate Victory Day on May 9.

It should be noted that the Belarusian authorities and ideologists consider the Soviet version of the Second World War events as a universal truth. Pro-regime scientific community sharply criticizes military historians who dare to raise challenging issues and see things differently., following BelTA

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