Luhansk: Russian-backed terrorists thank anonymous Belarusians for ‘help’

16 separatists of squadron “LPR Beavers” (Бобры ЛНР) recorded a video appeal to the residents of our country (see below).

The squadron thanked for assistance and sent regards to ‘brotherly Belarus’. They were holding an official red and green flag.

“Thanks to guys from Belarus who have provided aid and sent presents to us. We have enough food, but there is a lack of clothing. Best regards! We are sending our best to Minsk! Salute to our brotherly republic of Belarus! ”

The video was posted on Youtube on August, 28.


The citizens of Belarus are joining both Ukraine-volunteer battalions and pro-Russian separatists. When Belarusians came to take part in the the protests on Maidan Ukrainians started to talk about ‘a real brotherhood’, which continued after the death of Belarusian Mikhail Zhyzneuski who was among the first victims of riot police. There are fighters from Belarus and Russia in Ukraine’s volunteer battalion ‘Donbas’, but some Belarusians do take the side of terrorists, as, for example, female sniper Natallia Krasouskaya from the town of Barysau. At the same time, in summer volunteer unit Pahonia (Pursuit) which our nationals are present in was established.

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