‘In a good mood’. Russian military coming back home after Zapad-2017

The Russian military who participated in the Zapad-2017 are reported to have gone home.

The Russian army’s last train carrying personnel and equipment headed to the place of dislocation, to ‘one of Barysau railway stations’, the ministry reports.

According to them, the exercise is officially over.

“The maneuvers are believed to come to their end when the last item will be in the vehicle park of a military unit,” the ministry’s website says.

Logistics and resources subdivisions were the last to leave Belarus.

“Support units are coming back home in a good mood – they successfully completed all tasks of the joint exercise.”

Some Russian troops departed soon after fulfilling the tasks. On September 20, the loading of armoured vehicles of the 1st Guards Tank Army’s Kantemir Division began at Veraytsy railway station (Asipovichy district, Mahiliou region).

At the same time, on September 25, a special operations unit of the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) arrived in Minsk to participate in the joint bilateral special tactical exercises. The drill is being carried out from 25 September to 8 October. The number of Russian military, who have arrived in Minsk, has not been specified.


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