Homiel blogger facing fourth trial

Maksim Filipovich will stand trial for participation in a protest rally in Pinsk which took place on March, 11.

For covering the non-parasite protests the blogger was sentenced 3 times. Soon, the fourth trial will be held. His case will be considered by Soviet district court of Homiel on April, 21.

In March-April, he had to spend total of 23 days in jail. He was sentenced in absentia to 13 days in prison for taking part in a ‘non-parasite rally’, but then he received another 5 days. On March 13, Maksim Filipovich was detained by riot policemen at his parents’ house. The blogger pleaded not guilty and decided to go on hunger strike.

On March 31, the blogger was to be released, but 7 days was added to his prison term for participation in the rally against the so-called sponger tax in Maladzechna. He was freed on April, 5.

During the protests in Pinsk, unknown individuals made an attempt to abduct the activist.

Youtube channel Гарантий Нет (‘No Guarantees’) created by Maksim Filipovich is extremely popular among Belarusian Internet users.


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