‘Green men’ recognised threat to Belarus national security

Concentration of foreign forces along the Belarusian border is a reason for invoking martial law in the country.

Belarusian lawmakers made amendments to the legislation on martial law which came into force on February, 1.

According to it, concentration of foreign forces near the Belarusian border and sending armed gangs (groups) and regular troops may be considered as a threat to national security.

Thus, if  notorious ‘green men’ or ‘Putin’s tourists’ (armed camouflaged men without any insignia) appear in Belarus it will be regarded as an attack. Last year Russia sent groups of green men during annexation of Crimea.

At the recent press conference Belarus president Aliaksandr Lukashenka stressed that Belarus is not part of some ‘Russian World’ and promised to end with ‘[Russian] chauvinists messing around in Belarusian forests’.


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