Belsat TV will not be closed down – Head of Poland’s delegation to Belarus

It is not the first time Vice-Speaker of the Polish Sejm has arrived in Belarus.

A year ago, the Polish delegation headed by Ryszard Terlecki visited our country. Then, after a long period of diplomatic stagnation, the parties expressed readiness to improve political and economic relations.

However, according to a number of experts, the progress is modest.

“Apart from visits and rhetoric questions, I do not see any progress. And I do not understand their goals,” Polish journalist Michał Potocki says.

Cooperation in field of education

Contrary to the promises made, Belarusian authorities prepared a draft bill that may make things difficult for children who attend schools with the Polish language of instruction. According to the draft bill, the minor representatives of the ethnic group will have to learn in Russian.

During the bilateral meetings, most attention has been paid to economic cooperation.

“Foreign investment poses a threat of loss of control over a certain part of the economy to Alyaksandr Lukashenka. It would be against his ideological views,” Potocki said.

Ideology cannot rule market

Polish and Belarusian politicians stress that there has been no economic breakthrough in relations over the last year.

“The most important thing is, of course, economy and economic problems,” Ryszard Terlecki confirms the words of the Polish journalist.

The parties announced their intention to increase trade turnover to $3 bn. Last year, it was only $2 bn –  with a negative balance for our country.

Belsat TV issue

Democracy does matter to Western countries, and Polish politicians met with opponents of Lukashenka’s regime to learn firsthand about the real situation of human rights and freedoms in our country. In turn, the Belarusian opposition asked about the future of Belsat TV, the only independent television channel in Belarus, which is financed by the Polish side.

“Information about closing Belsat TV is incorrect. Now there is a plan to make it more independent from the government so that it could be financed by public television, not by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Terlecki said.

According to representatives of the Polish delegation, their priority is Belarus’ independence.

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