Belarusians working in Russia like slaves

As long as there are low salaries, working Saturdays, vague prospects of retirement and general feeling of “serfdom” in Belarus, our compatriots will go abroad to work.

Halina’s husband is officially missing. Sixteen years ago, the man left the village Druzhny (Pukhavichy district, Minsk region), to work as a miner in Russia. They say people do not return alive from the place. And he never did…

Alyaksei Nyachay is the father of five children from the village Hatlyany (Uzda district, Minsk region). He worked at a Moscow construction site and as a result of the accident broke his legs. He returned home not with money for his wife and presents for children, but on crutches.

His employer turned out to be a good man: he arrange transportation and brought the Belarusian man home. But here’s the rub: Uzda doctors said Alyaksei had broken his legs in Moscow and was to get treatment there.

And even after this case, the worker said that as soon as his legs were healed, he would go again. After all, his family needs money to pay for utilities, children need to go to school and kindergarten.

There are lots of such guest workers in the country. Earlier, the easiest way was to go to Russia, but after the crisis, the western direction became more popular. Currently, every fourth Belarusian gets paid in Polish zloty. In the third place of the ranking is Germany, then Italy. Turkey is on the 5th place.

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