Belarusian MP delegation visits Warsaw: ‘Belsat TV is no bother for us’

The official delegation of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Belarusian parliament, has arrived in Warsaw. It is the first visit of such kind in the last eleven years.

After meeting with with Balyaslau Pirshtuk, Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives, and Valery Varanetski, Chief of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Ruslan Shoshyn, a journalist of the influential Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, has shared his impressions with Belsat TV:

Belarus’s motivation

The purpose of their visit is economy issues, which was repeatedly stressed by the members of the delegation. I even heard them stating that [Belarus] should be dependent on one country [Russia –] and put all the eggs into one basket. I was pleasantly surprised: the delegates of the House of Representatives who came to Poland had much to say: they are well aware of the developments in the host country.

Poland’s motivation

I am struck by the fact that everything [parliamentary cooperation] was initiated by the Polish side. Belarusian MPs came here at the invitation of the Polish Parliament. This was a historic meeting. Until now, therehas been no cooperation, no such meetings: the Polish authorities did not recognize our House of Representatives.

Belsat TV

The Belarusian delegates met with a representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry. I asked whether the issue of Belsat was discussed in the course of the meeting. They answered in the affirmative but stressed that it was not them who raised the subject. Interestingly, Valery Voronetski said: „Believe me, Belsat is no bother for us!” If we recall that he is a representative of the Belarusian authorities, it was a very bold claim of him.”

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