Belarusian milk gets diluted with water. Investigation by Belsat

Until recently, Nina Karol worked as a livestock expert in a former kolkhoz farm in the village of Barsuki.

Nina tried to convince the head of the farm to spend more on quality food, and in general, improve the efficiency of the facility. The director wanted to continue the tradition of state farms: hide a decrease in milk yield and fix the numbers, so that the executive committee would not blame him. As a result, due to a different vision of management processes, the woman was fired for alleged dereliction of duty.

The alleged guilt of the chief livestock specialist was linked to an episode at the Rahachou dairy facility. In late July, 8 tones of milk were returned to Barsuki due to high salt concentration. The milk had turned sour. Nina Karol later learned about the origin of the salt from a local laboratory worker.

“She said I cannot do it anymore, the director forces me to add a lot of water, to cover for cattle loss, so I add salt. They were adding something and put salt as well,” said Nina.

Yuryi Karpyachkou was also fired, because he did not want to fix numbers.

The facility workers spoke about low salaries: they work 18 hours a day, seven days a week, for 300-400 BYN a month. And now this pressure to fix numbers.

To recover her workplace, Nina went to court. She has appealed to journalists, so that the case was not hushed up at the district level.

Yaraslau Stseshyk, “Belsat”, photo: Viktor Drachev / TASS / Forum

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