Belarus on brink of IT-breakthrough

President Lukashenka, elected back in the 20th century, saw more danger than good in IT-technologies of the 21st century.

“With all our modern IT-technology, it can be even worse if it all goes in the wrong direction… With the help of the Internet, as this unfortunate computer revolutions have occurred, social explosions on the planet?” said Lukashenka.

Russian oligarch has convinced Lukashenka to start a revolution.

Five years have passed, and now only the country’s leadership has announced IT-revolution. Lukashenka’s friend — Russian oligarch Mikhail Gutseriyev — who invests millions of dollars in Belarusian innovation projects and is interested in the prosperity of the IT-sphere.

IT experts offered Minsk to reform legislation

Thanks to the Belarusian and foreign IT specialists, a presidential decree on simplification of High-Tech Park’s operation.

“Compared to all other initiatives of the authorities this year, such as the retirement age change, the unemployment tax, this one is about the development of IT technology; it is, of course, an excellent result,” triumphs IT-specialist Syarhei Charnavoki.

What is this wonderful decree?

The document provides for the expansion of activities in the Belarusian High-Tech Park, which means open doors for foreign companies, foreign exchange controls to be simplified, de-bureaucratization, and the legalization of the activities linked with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

No need to wait — privileges and preferences declared in the decree will be for everyone. The administration of the High Technologies Park will regulate, who will get a tasty piece of cake.

Lukashenka bragging

Lukashenka was bragging about the changes already in spring.

We all can see how the authorities had softened the conditions for business in our country. We’ll see the fate of the IT-sphere in the future, which is born now.

Volha Starastsina, “Belsat”, photo:

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