Autumn is here: Keep calm and watch Belsat TV


A new season has started on Belsat TV. To make a seamless jump into autumn, you are welcome to sit back and watch our new shows, films and series!

Villagers: Wednesday 21:25 (Minsk time)

Its host Viktar Shukelovich will tell you about  show the country life with passion, love and sad irony. As it is not like a bed of roses in Belarus, many villagers flee to cities and towns.  Viktar reveals the stories of those who decided to stay. You will hardly come across such colorful characters in other shows or on the Internet!

Human Affairs: Thursday 19:00

Each episode of the program hosted by Ales Zaleuski is dedicated to some problem of one Belarusian, but many Belsat TV viewers do face the same or similar trouble. According to the host, even a seemingly dead-end situation could be solved if the Belarusians put their faith in themselves, have the courage to stand up for their families and ask for help. The authors of the show have prepared a number of pleasant surprises for their viewers…

Iconic BBC movies: Thursday 21:45

Our audience will stand a chance to watch detective series Unforgotten, Luther and Maigret as well as film adaptations of classic British literary works (Little Dorrit, Jane Eyre and Great Expectations).

BBC documentaries: Saturday 10:40

On Saturdays we invite you to admire the amazing diversity of the natural world – incredibly beautiful scenery and the wildest and underexplored corners of our planet. Watch Planet Earth, Africa, Life, and Yellowstone and Bang Goes The Theory with us!

BBC historical movies and series

On Sundays there will be BBC historical movies and series on Belsat TV (Andrew Marr’s History of the World, Vikings, The Silk Road, Ancient Rome – The Rise And Fall Of An Empire ).

Ministry of Truth: Sunday, 17:45

A new entertainment show for fans of political satire hosted by well-known Belarusian film director Yury Khashchavatski.

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