Authorities to target ‘social parasites’ again in October

The center-right coalition has presented an economic program which should be an alternative to the ‘decree on parasites’.

The center-right offer comprehensive batch change to the legislation.

It includes targeted monetary and social support based on people’s income, funding of school education from the budget and introduction of individual health insurance. However, economic growth is not possible without complete abolition of the decree, the center-right believe.

The decree resulted in outrage and protests, which took place in spring this year, when thousands of Belarusians in Minsk and regions took to the streets against the infamous decree. In the end, the authorities suspended the law, but the head of state has repeatedly said that he was not planning to abolish the decree.

A new attempt to get everyone to work?

The authorities want to implement it until October 1st — less than three weeks from now, the government is to introduce a new version of the decree, which will not cover people caught in difficult life circumstances. However, previous amendments to the decree after a wave of protests did not solve the main problems.

Vital Babin, “Belsat”, photo: Viktor Drachev / TASS / Forum

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