Arrested Belsat TV cameraman fails to stop hunger-striking in jail

Alyaksandr Barazenka is still hunger-striking, activist Dzmitry Kavalhin, who was released yesterday, says.

On March 29, he was in a cell together with our cameraman and another six persons.

Each of them was serving a term for protesting on March 25. “We were getting along well and had no problems,” says Dzmitry.

According to him, Barazenka only drinks water, juices and tea.

None of them received letters or postcards, Kavalhin stresses. Pens and paper were not given to the prisoners as well.

Ales was arrested during the live broadcast from Saturday’s non-parasite march and Freedom Day celebration in Minsk. it is noteworthy that on Sunday Belarusians came to Kastrychnitskaya Square to show solidarity with the detained and beaten.

While in a paddy wagon, Ales Barazenka got in touch with our colleagues in the studio. Our cameraman tried to start a live stream from the paddy wagon, but due to the disruption of the 3G and 4G network it lasted for a short time.

On March 27, he was accused of ‘disorderly conduct’ and sentenced to 15 days in jail. According to riot policemen who were witnessing in court Ales Barazenka was shouting, waving his hands, using bad language.

In the video below, one hears Barazenka saying ‘I am a journalist! I am a journalist!’ when the police were arresting him. No strong language is used. There is a rhetoric question: do the Belarusian authorities consider these words profanity?

After being detained, Ales Barazenka went on hunger-strike in protest.

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