Andrei Bandarenka punished for truth about prisons

Will the imprisoned human rights activist Andrei Bandarenka get out in March? His prison term ends in three months. But the prisoner faces two more years in prison. The court would not consider the complaints of Bandarenka.

Shklou district court has once again refused to satisfy the complaint of Andrei Bandarenka

The human rights activist was arrested in the spring of 2014. The complaint concerned him being put on the registry as “a person who is prone to hostage-taking, attacks on the administration and manifestations of hooliganism.”

Andrei to get a couple of years more?

It is noteworthy that this pretext can be crucial in the new criminal case against Andrei Bandarenka.
According to the indictment, the prison term can have two more years added to it for alleged willful disobedience of the prisoner in the correctional institution.

Did the opposition activist hit people?

Founder of the human rights institution ‘Platform innovation’ Andrei Bandarenka was sentenced in 2014 to three years in prison for hooliganism. According to the court, he knocked down a neighbor on the porch and allegedly hit the man in the face. However, a number of human rights defenders and social activists consider him a victim of a provocation, and the case – fabricated. They say that security forces retaliated Bandarenka for his human rights activities, especially for his coverage of the hard conditions in Belarusian prisons. The system continues to take revenge on the man.

In total Andrei Bandarenka had more than a dozen penalties imposed on him in prison

Bandarenka agrees with the penalties.

He was supposed to get out this March 31. In case Bandarenka is convicted on the new criminal case and his term of imprisonment is extended, human rights activists are ready to recognize him as a political prisoner.

Nastassia Hralovich, “Belsat“.

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