Shot putter gate: good show put up

“Yafimau might well have been given a suit and now he has to wear it,” Maxim Berazinski, manager of sports news site, comments on the report on Nadzeya Astapchuk’s coach slipping her a dope.

Today Aliaksandr Yafimau has revealed his story to sports newspaper Pressball. According to the shot putter’s coach, top officials laid high hopes on Astapchuk and wanted her to earn a medal. That is why he took a decision to add methonolone to his mentee’s coffee banking on the dope’s elimination before their arrival in London.

It is pretty difficult to beat the matter out, Maxim Berazinsky said. The results obtained by the National Anti-Dope Agency (NADA) are in contrast to the main doers’ explanations. “We were not told what caused such drastic change. Earlier a sportsman’s rights were said to be asserted. By now everything has changed. Officials have apparently given up. They are ready to admit to the fact of cheating,” he stressed.

Nadzeya Astapchuk will be stood off her professional life for a year. Is there any possibility of annuling her disqualification taking into account that the shot putter turns out to be innocent? “According to the anti-dope’s laboratore rules a sportsman can not keep their name without blemish in such a situation,” manager said.

Nevertheless, Nadzeya Astapchuk is bound to fight. “How could one believe it? The man [Yafimau – Belsat] replaced my mother after her death. All the wordings are ridiculous. I do not believe he could do it. It is nonsense,” she said.

Methonolone entered shot putter Nadzeya Astapchuk`s system after her coach Alyaksandr Yafimaw deliberately added the banned performance-enhancing substance to her food on July 30, Aliaksandr Vankhandla, director of the National Anti-doping Agency, told reporters in Minsk on September 11.


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