Reload: fraction closer to magic $500

According to president Aliaksandr Lukashenka, the average salary has risen almost to Br4 million. “This is a little more than $470. By the end of the year we will reach the target of $500,” he said at the meeting with the members of the Government and the National Bank, state-owned news agency BelTA has learnt.

“Real money incomes of population increased by 17.5% and real wages by 21.5%,” said the head of state,” the Belarusian leader promised.

“But it is worth mentioning that we are not satisfied with the results any more because a number of problems hindering the country’s dynamic development have still not been solved,” Lukashenka said.

According to official statistics, GDP growth rate accounts for 103 %. As this figure was planned to reach 105.5 %, the head of state expressed his discontent and called the members of the Government and the National Bank to launch “ a total mobilization” to cope with the problems above.

The Belarusian authorities began to talk about reaching pre-crisis level of salaries in the end of 2011 crisis year and in early 2012. However, independent experts have warned the authorities of the sharp rise in wages, offering to build on the real opportunities of the economy and raise incomes through external borrowings. As the average wage totalled 500 dollars at the end of 2010 a lot of economists explain the financial crisis of 2011 by that unjustified increase of the wages.


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