Envoy Dzenisenka: “I am just a soldier”

The degation consisting of five protest action organisers has come to the negotiating table with Belarusian Envoy to Kyrgyzstan Viktar Dzenisenka.
The ambassador stated that it is beyond his scope “to affect Belarusian authorities’ decision on Bakiyev’s delivering”. “I am just a soldier and have the “generals” behind who will have their way,” the delegates quoted Dzenisenka as saying .
The protesters’ written address was handed to the Ambassador. “In his turn, he promised to voice our demands to his command. Now we are heading for our office to disscuss our further actions. Certainly, we have to hold a meeting with our authorities,” they said.
Viktar Dzenisenka mentioned that the possibility of Zhanybek Bakiyev’s extradition to Kyrgyzstan does exist. “If the court finds him guilty Belarus may well deliver him up to Kyrgyz justice,” rosbalt.ru reports.
Former Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, his brother Zhanybek and son Marat were charged in absentia with slaughter and put on the international wanted list. Moreover, Mr. Bakiyev, who was the head of Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s presidential guard service, and his people are the prime suspects in the murder in March 2009 of Medet Sadyrkulov, a former head of the Presidential Administration; Sergei Slepchenko, director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and Kubat Sulaymanov, the driver of the car they were in.
Zhanybek Bakiyev happened to be in Minsk: Mikhail Pashkevich, a civil activist, took a picture of the suspect when the latter was leaving a café surrounded by his security guards.
On August 24 Kyrgyzstan recalled its ambassador from Belarus. It is the pictures of Zhanybek Bakiyev that became the ground for such a serious measure.
On August 28 a protest action flared up in front of the building of the Belarusian Embassy in Bishkek: dozens of people showered stones upon the Belarusian embassy and broke windows. The participants of the action demand to close the embassy down and break off diplomatic relations with the Belarusian authorities, which “harbour the murderers”.
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