Belarusian ex-policeman went on hunger strike in Ecuadorian prison

Former investigation officer of Belarusian police Aleksader Barankou is protesting against plans to expel him to Belarus. He has bee accused of state treason and disclosure of state secrets. So far Ecuadorian authorities have not deprived him status of political refugee, but still he is kept in prison – when he spent more than one month.

Extradition – a gift for Lukashenka?

Several day before the president Lukashenka’s visit to Ecuador, on 21 June the trial has been launched – Ecuadorian judges were to decide about depraving Barankou status of the political refugee. According to the representatives of Belarusian human rights organization “Platforma” – Belarusian authorities started to demand giving him away two weeks before Lukashenka arrived in Ecuador. Barankou is also convinced that his arrest was due to Lukashenka’ state visit.

Revenge for revealing the corruption within state security service?

Alexander Barankou lost his job in July 2009 – then he was accused by the KGB of bribery and fraud. Later new accusation of state treason and disclosure of state secrets were added. Barankou explains that actually he revealed many examples of corruption in secret service and business. According to him KGB accusation are nothing more but revenge.

Former policeman fled Belarus and after some time he appeared in Ecuador. Belarus send after him an official arrest warrant via Interpol.


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