Euroradio correspondent detained

Vital Ruhayn’s detention might well be retaliation for coverage detailing a lack of security checks in the Minsk subway system. On the first anniversary of the terroristic act Euroradio journalists Vital Ruhayn and Pavel Sviardlou went down to the underground carrying a suitcase with nothing on the path.
“Leninski district directorate of internal affairs have not confirmed that Vital Ruugayn is being kept there. But we have a witness affirming that he saw Vital there,” the radio station reports.
Ruhayn managed to phone his colleague. “You said that you were taking me to Tsentralny district directorate, why are we going to Leninski [district directorate]?” Then the call ended and now the journalist is not available.
On July 24 Vital Ruhayn was detained at the border crossing of Gudogai. His passport and laptop were seized, but later the journalist received his belongings back and successfully returned to Minsk.
Ruhayn’s colleague, Pavel Sviardlou was arrested by men in plainclothes on June 22, minutes after leaving his apartment for work. He was tried on hooliganism charges and sentenced to 15 days in jail.
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