KGB allegedly arrests 16-year-old girl for implication in teddy bear stunt

According to unverified information, Katsiaryna Skurat sent pictures of Swedish teddies to photographer Anton Surapin. At the moment the girl is not available telephonically, her Vkontakte page having been deleted.
Anton Surapin, a twenty-year-old journalist, whose news web site first released pictures of teddy bears dropped by the Swedish pilots is being kept in the KGB predetetion centre. He is facing up to seven years of imprisonment for asserted aiding the Swedes in illegal border crossing. The same accusation was brought against Siarhei Basharymau whose only crime is that he was to rent a flat to the Swedes.
The Belarusian Ministry of Defense rebuted the information on the teddy bear troop drop. Top officials called the video released online “fabricated”. The teddy-story evoked a wide public response and gave reason to doubt war readiness of the Belarusian air defense. A detailed presidential inspection of air defense near the Belarus-Lithuania border is believed to have started.
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