Investigation Committee: Andrey Molchan has only himself to thank for broken jaw

The European Belarus civil campaign activist beaten by policemen should be subjected to another medical examination.
The fact of his beating is being checked by the Investigation Committee, which is said to be beyond of the control of the Ministry of Interior. But after visiting an investigator Andrey Molchan shared his impressions with Belsat TV: “They are covering up their colleagues’ tracks. The version of my being guilty is primary; in their opinion, the policemen were walking by a rule.”
“I was told that I might well have injured myself,” Andrey Molchan said.
Brutally beaten for the national flag
The policemen detained Andrey Molchan near Pershamayski store in Minsk on May 19, 2012. The activist unfolded a white-red-white flag in solidarity with Siarhei Kavalenka, the imprisoned Vitsebsk oppositionist. “In a few minutes a car drove up and policemen approached to him. Molchan attempted to find out on what basis he was being arrested but violent use of force was their answer. While he was being beaten in the street another car drove up. They threw Molchan into the car having secured him,” European Belarus press service reported.
“A lot of innocent people are behind bars. They are having a bad time for the common cause, the cause of the nation. We must support them. What future is reserved for our country if all of us sit back as silent spectators,” the activist wonders.
Who is to blame?
A criminal case is to be opened in relation to Andrey Molchan for contempt of the president and beating of a police worker, a police officer told Andrey Molchan’s sister.
Straight after the incident the Minsk emergency care hospital staff ascertained that Andrey Molchan had a jaw fracture and craniocerebral trauma. But later the doctor told the activist that his jaw fracture is prevalent. As for Andrey, he asserts that he never had such a trauma before.
The reported victim of police lawlessness is absolutely sure that investigation check results will go against him. “While the acting government holds power they will cover up one another and nobody [common people – Belsat] could prove their right. I will not be very much surprised if they beat someone to death and find him guilty,” Andrey Molchan says.
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