Andrey Pyzhyk released

As there is no official proposal of the Belarusian side to arrest Pyzhyk temporarily, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has ordered to immediately release Andrey Pyzhyk, prosecutor Ryszard Rogatko said.

As Andrey Pyzhyk told Belsat TV, the Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has sent a request for the materials of his case. On their basis the decision on submission of the case to Polish court might be taken. According to former policeman, he is added to Interpol Database as accused of testimonial compulsion and appropriation of property of BLR 100,000 ($12)


Is the former crime investigator guilty?

The detainee fled to Poland after he had refused to open a criminal case against Aliaksandr Kamarouski, the Afghan war veteran. Kamarouski’s run for the seat in the local council in the town of Zhodzina (Minsk region) was very annoying for the people in power.

According to Andrey Pyzhyk, counterfeit money had been shoved to the opposition candidate, and the criminal case was initiated on this ground. Moreover, Viktar Litvinenka, the Prosecutor of Zhodzina, stated that the case was politically motivated. “Victar Danilavich had it straight: don’t you realize what is going on? Kamarouski is standing on elections and he must not win,” Andrey Pyzhyk witnessed.

Andrey Pyzhyk appeared as an expert in «Fear in the Land of Peace», the Belsat documentary that questioned the official theory about the April 11, 2011 attack in the Minsk subway system. In particular, he deliberately studied the footage filmed by surveillance cameras on the day of explosion. Delving into the subject, he weighed the evidence of the bomb being home-made. “It is the well-organised group that was able to carry out the attack. Only the KGB could perform it in Belarus,”the expert rendered his opinion.

Poland must answer to obligations

Soon after the film premiere the Belarusian side put him on the Interpol’s wanted list. It is not the first time when Polish police have detained a person who escaped persecution in Belarus. Belarusian dissident and a former presidential candidate, Ales Mikhalevich, was briefly detained by Polish border guards when he boarded a plane from Warsaw to London on December 12, 2011. After interference of the Polish MIA, Mikhalevich was released.

What really complicates the matter is that Andrey Pyzhyk does not reportedly have the official status of refugee. But until the court seals the case, the former policeman will not get extradited.


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