Independent journalists detained in Minsk and Horadnia

Tatsiana Belashova and Volha Chaychyts have been detained in Minsk Gorky Park where they were covering the International Children’s Day. They managed to call and say that they were being taken to Partyzansky district directorate of Interior Affairs.

According to, children’s officer of Partyzansky district directorate Andrey Dyanovich made Tatsiana Belashova and Volha Chaychyts write circumstantial letters but refused to release them for the reason that KGB officials are about to come and talk to the journalists.

Earlier journalists Yan Roman and Andrey Pachobut were arrested in Horadnia but they were released wihout drawing up protocols. Whereabouts of another three journalists who were to report on picketing against rusification of the only Polish-languiage school in Horadnia is still unknown, their mobile phones are switched off. Policemen also were looking for cameraman Ales Dzianisau and keeping a close watch on journalist Andrey Fralou’s flat.

Today the Union of Poles in Belarus (Związek Polaków na Białorusi) which is not recognised by the Belarusian authorities, was to picket the building of Horadnia regional executive committee. The activists are protesting against introducing instruction in Russian in Polish-language school. About one hundred people took part in the action, twenty persons were detained.

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