Six months of arrest for going to shop

On May 29, 2012 Vasil Parfiankou was found guilty of violation of preventive control regime. The verdict was delivered by Siarhei Bandarenka, a judge of Pershamayski district court in Minsk. The activist of former presidential candidate Uladzimir Niakliayeu’s electoral campaign will serve the sentence in a detention facility where conditions are not so severe as in a penal colony.

According to public prosecutor Stsiapurka, Vasil Parfiankou was away from home at time arranged without valid excuse. The defendant explained that he was absent just within some minutes doing shopping. “In my opinion, they put me under preventive control regime to keep me from taking part in social and political activity. I do not think that having gone shopping I committed a crime,” Parfiankou declared. He pointed out that he had been put under control after his participation in the protest action.

The prosecutor demanded to charge Parfiankou to one year of imprisonment in a maximum-security penal colony taking into account that his acting was “recidivous”. In his last plea Parfiankou said: “Whatever decision the court takes I will leave the court room as a free man”

The 27- year-old Vasil Parfiankou, charged with initiating “mass social unrest”, which based on article 239 of the criminal code, became the first convicted for participation in the 2010 December post-election peaceful demonstration. On february 17, 2011 Frunzensky disctict court found him guilty and sentenced to four years in high-security prison. Moreover, Parfiankou was fined Blr 14 mln (appr. $ 5,000) for the broken doorglass of the House of Government.

The convicted served his term in Orsha penal colony. On August 11, 2011 the activist was pardoned by the president and released. But on April 19, 2012 the investigation Committee informed Parfiankou of opening a criminal case on the basis of his violation of one-year preventive control regime, which had been ordered by court on January 5, 2012.

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