Kavaliov’s mother and sister gathering signatures against death penalty

At the moment Lyubou Kavaliova and Tatsiana Kazyar are staying in Poland where they collecting signatures to the petition on the abolition of the death penalty. Today they have had a meeting with Polish journalists. “When the boys were alive the signatures collection campaign was also being carried out but unfortunately, Lukashenka ignored all that. We are trying to appeal to the public to abolish the death penalty,” Lyubov Kavaliova said.

Kavaliou’s relatives addressed the Belarusian president, KGB Chief and Head of the Department for the Execution of Sentences with request to deliver the body of Uladzislau Kavaliou or show the place of its burying. Answering the question if they are afraid of revenge of the authority Lyubou Kavaliova stressed that they “do no harm”. “All I want is to leave a good memory of my son, I am not going to abuse the president; I think there might not be any kicks from him,” she added.

Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavaliou were sentenced to death for the organization of the terroristic act in Minsk underground on April, 11, 2011, with 15 killed and 387 injured. The death verdict to both delivered by the Supreme Court of Belarus on November, 30, 2011 triggered a mixed reaction in society and drew attention to the death penalty issue once again since a greal deal of people considered their guilt as unproven. Not having admitted guilt Uladzislau Kavaliou filed a petition for pardon addressed to Alexander Lukashenka as far back as beginning of December, 2011. But the president denied mercy to him and in the mid March the both men were executed.



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