Lukashenka accuses opposition and West of breakdown of dialogue

The Belarusian opposition did not seize the opportunity which was presented at the 2010 presidential elections, Aliaksandr Lukashenka stated in his address to the Belarusian perliament and people.

According to him, in recent years the authorities «have been developing so called civil society and supporting the social dialogue; they have provided transparent and fair conditions for the elections’ holding and carte blanche to the presidential candidates.» But in response, oppositionists «insulted the country and people, excited riots urging to terror and violence,» Lukashenka added.

After the 2010 presidential elections the authorities intended to get into a dialogue with Europe and the USA under way, improve the political system, Lukashenka said. «But the West and our fifth column took a different track. Not only had they denied the dialogue but they also started attacking our country by means of pressure and sanctions,» the Belarusian president stated.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka complained that «much time had been lost due to a strange European policy.» «But our stand remains the same: we are ready to the dialogue. Of course, we can not sacrifice our basic principles. Stability in the state and society is our most important value. Lots are jealous of Belarus because there are no conflicts and political upheavals. We do not want it to happen and will prevent [conflicts and upheavals – Belsat]at all costs,» Lukashenka pointed out.


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