Marharyta Lavyshyk: «They threatened to take us to the forest and shoot down»

Marharyta Lavyshyk, the girlfriend of Vyachaslau Dziyanau, one of the coordinators of Revolution through social networks campaign, has declared that policemen and KGB officers threatened her. Security officials forced the girl to read out a prepared slanderous statement and filmed her address.

«The policemen threatened to take us to the forest and shoot down. It took them eight hours to interrogate me. I was being put a lot of psychological pressure to; they launched threats to dispose of my nearest and dearest,» Marharyta Lavyshyk said.

On April 18, 2012 the girl was to leave for Poland but five unknown persons broke in the flat which Marharyta Lavyshyk and her friend Krystsina Kumeyka rent and took the girls to the Maskouski district police station.

According to Marharyta Lavyshyk, eight hours spent there were absolute purgatory to her. «KGB officials prepared the statement I was reading out while they were filming me. It was a slander against me and Vyachaslau Dziyanau. I declare that everything I said while being filmed is not true,» she pointed out. The girl had to «confirm» that she helps Revolution through social networks campaign and gets money for her activity. The officers interrogating Marharyta threatened to disclose her nude photos: being a model the girl had the pictures taken in a Minsk photostudio.

Marharyta neither signed any papers nor agreed to collaborate with the KGB, she added.

Peaceful protest action organized by Revolution through social networks campaign repeatedly took place throughout the country in summer, 2011. Their participants gathered at the main squares in Belarusian cities and towns to show their dissatisfaction with the Lukashenka’s regime.

Demonstrators did not bring flags or any other symbols forbidden in Belarus. They did not chant either, not to give an excuse for the police to arrest them. They clapping and thumping instead. Despite all the measures police did intervened. Thousands of people were arrested and adjudged guilty of disorderly conduct.


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