Zingeris: European Union might say goodbye to Belarusian ambassadors

Emanuelis Zingeris, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lithuanian Seimas, calls on the Belarusian authorities to put an end to the diplomatic row and extend invitations to the EU member countries’ ambassadors.

Nevertheless, official Minsk can not stop using every bit of leverage on Europe, i.e. bringing press on the European venturers running their businesses in Belarus; strong lobbying with help of some representatives of democratic community as well as ambassadors’ knocking out.

If Belarus does not invite them back, it will result in saying goodbye to heads of Belarusian diplomatic missions in all the capitals of the EU member countries, Emanuelis Zingeris told Belsat TV.

A month has passed since Head of the EU delegation to Belarus Majra Mora and Leszek Szerepka, the Polish Ambassador to Belarus received the recommendations to return to their capitals for consultations and to convey to their leadership a firm position of the Belarusian Side on inadmissibility of pressure and sanctions.

In their turn, EU member countries’ ambassadors in Minsk were withdrawn in solidarity.

On March 15, 2012 commenting on the possibility of returning EU ambassadors back to Minsk Maria Vanshina, Head of the Press Service of the Belarusian MFA, told journalists: «We don’t have such information. However, if we reason soundly, how can we speak about the return of the ambassadors when the European Union itself constantly threatens us to impose new sanctions on March, 23. Let’s wait until this date first and then we will determine our position, including the one related to the return of the ambassadors.»



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