Thrown out for being interviewed by Belsat TV

The non-residential lease contract between Expobel trade centre and private enterpreneur Lyudmila Sliaptsova has been annuled.

«After they had watched the interview on the Internet I was asked out to the office and given a document confirming the contract annulment on the basis of my unprofitability for them. So, I have lost two workplaces,» Lyudmila Sliaptsova said at the press conference in Minsk on March 19, 2012.

During the interview to Belsat TV Lyudmila Sliaptsova told journalists that the centre administration forces private entrepreneurs to sign additionals to current lease contracts. The administration wants each tenant to rent one square meter of the hall, where mannequins are to be placed in, and pay 261 euro for it. In case of refusal tenants are threatened that their contracts will be terminated.

On February 27, 2012 public association Perspektyva appealed to the State Control Committee with regard to unlawful treble increase of lease costs for private entrepreneurs in Expobel trade centre.

Lyudmila Sliaptsova filed a claim in court. The entrepreneur hopes for state control bodies’ assistance.


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