Belarusian black list in operation

Anatol Liabedzka, Leader of the United Civil Party, has been banned from leaving Belarus. Border officers told the politician that he is not allowed to start out for the EU member countries.

Anatol Liabedzka was detained at the border-crossing point Kamenny Log. Belarusian border guards refused to give any reasons advising to ask a relevant authority at the place of residence. According to the officers, after Liabedzka’s data had been entered their computer returned «not releasable».

Earlier the Belarusian authorities were reported to make a list including 108 names. These people are admittedly to be banned from leaving the republic due to their statements on the necessity to toughen economic and visa sanctions towards the Belarusian regime and Lukashenka’s partners. An anonymous source informed that Alexander Yarashuk (leader of independent unions), Zhanna Litvina (Chair of the Belarusian Association of Journalists) and Stanislau Shushkevich are among the blacklisted.

Anatol Liabedska intended to hold some inner-party meetings in Lithuania. He had also arrangements with officials of the Lithuanian MFA and the Parliament. «This occasion will have no influence on our party’s international relations. As for the meetings arranged, they will be held by other people,» Anatol Liabedzka said.

Leader of the United Civil Party is sure that there is no legal basis for his banning from leaving Belarus: «I do not have any unpaid fines or outstanding convictions. Why didn’t they release me in contradiction with the Belarusian law and Constitution that guarantee free movement? I think that it is a politically motivated decision,»

As it was reported before, persons who call on foreign states and international organizations to impose economic and other sanctions against Belarus may be subjected to a temporary ban on foreign travel and even to criminal prosecution, Pavel Radzivonaw, a departmental head at the Prosecutor General’s Office, told reporters in Minsk on March 1, 2012.


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