«Political» letters not allowed

According to the wife of Zmitser Bandarenka, a coordinator of European Belarus civil campaign and an agent of ex-presidential candidate Andrey Sannikau, information isolation of her husband has been increased. Earlier his letters were full of political and philosofical ideas, now general topic prevails.

«As far as I know the same is happening to Andrey Sannikau. His lawyer has been prohibited from giving any information whereas I am not allowed to tell about Zmitser’s calls from the colony,» Volha Bandarenka says. In her opinion, the authorities do not want mass media to get one more newstopic.

In his letter Zmitser Bandarenka informed his wife that his diseases aggravated: he has a backache, a bad attack of gout has lately occurred. «He caught a cold. He went to a medical unit in the morning and took antibiotics. He asked to stay in here, but was denied. Later, they finally took him to the medical unit. Perhaps he felt really bad,» Volha Bandarenka says.

Maryna Lobava, the mother of Eduard Lobau, confirms that more and more limitations have been imposed on the political prisoners. She made such a conclusion having studied the latest letters from her son: «They have become very common: “I am alright, I need this and that.”»

Volha Bandarenka is sure that relatives of the political prisoners should keep writing letters to penal colonies’ chiefs in order «not to give them any slack » To Maryna Lobava’s view, it is better if the colony administration is addressed by public. In this case it takes outon the political prisoners in a less degree.



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