Lukashenka to carry out political reform

The political system improvement might take place in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka told the leading Chinese media.

In Lukashenka’s opinion, Belarus ought to react to international situation change. “For this reason we are studying certain worldwide trends. We are sure to be adapting to them and our political system will be improved. The parliamentary elections will be held. I think great attention should be paid to the political reform, or the reform of the country’s political system,” state information agency BELTA quoted Alexander Lukashenka.

“Although there is not a catastrophe in this sphere, we will take this step. But it is crucial we should be one step ahead. It is the first time that I’ve said it but I have been considering and discussing the subject for a long time. And we will move in this direction bit by bit”, Lukashenka confessed.

Lukashenka accorded priority for preserving stability, freedom of expression and providing adequate standards of living. “It is vital that main human rights should be observed. Everyone has the right to have them,” the Belarusian leader pointed out.

The topic of political transformations was brought up at the last year’s president press conference organized for the Belarusian media on December, 23, 2011.

“The country is sure to face political reforms, and at that in the nearest future, ” Lukashenka stated there. He confessed to having no desire to leave the unchanged political system behind him. “It is not unimportant whom such instrument of power will be given to; it should not be handed over to anyone thirsting for retaining the power by all means and neglecting country’s independence and sovereignty,” he stressed.

In addition, Lukashenka noticed that the unsatisfied with the existing authority “ought not to complain.” “The authority is that which you did elect”, he mentioned.


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