Ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich landed in closed prison

Statkevich was transferred from the penal colony to a closed prison where conditions of confinement are much more severe. Such verdict was attained in the session of court which took place in the colony of Shklou on January 12, 2012. The sentence is not subject to appeal.

According to his wife Maryna Adamovich, the Mahiliou prison administration confirmed his receiving. There is no knowing how long the transfer lasted. But I hope that Mahiliou is the final destination and Mikalai will not be moved any more. There are two other closed prisons in Horadnia and Zhodzina, but in general, dangerous recidivists are held there, Maryna Adamovich told Belsat.

This week Statkevich’s wife is about to visit the prison of Mahiliou. As the law declares, a convicted serving a term in a closed prison has the right to have a short-term visit and food parcel not more frequently than once a year. As Mikalai told me before, it is actually hunger tornment, Maryna Adamovich said. Still hoping for moderate limitations she is to clear up all the specific in the talk to the prison administration.

To Maryna’s mind, unprecendented pressure being brought on the political prisoners is performed at the command from above: There was an order of the Belarusian authorities to isolate them completely. Their voices ought not to be heard out of prison. A lot of ways for reaching this aim are at disposal: Mikalai has been put in the closed prison, Andrei Sannikau is being kept in a one-man cell.



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