Ex-presidential candidate Statkevich sentenced to three-year imprisonment

Statkevich is to be transferred from the penal colony to a closed prison where conditions of confinement are much more severe. Such verdict was attained in the session of court which took place in the colony of Shklou on January 12, 2012. The sentence is not subject to appeal.

A month ago Statkevich was sent to a punitive confinement due to a ridiculous mistake in the list of his personal effects: the politician qualified nose-wipers as “hygiene products”. There three warnings were issued for him not having a prisoner’s tag. After leaving the confinement Statkevich was placed in a close ward being accused of fight provoking. On the basis of these events a special commission gathered to define what measures should be taken.

His wife Maryna Adamovich mentioned that Statkevich’s defence councellor, who attended the court, said that the politician would be convoyed to a closed prison. According to him, Mikalai Statkevich feels good. During the session he was keeping his balance. Maryna Adamovich thinks that the verdict had been attained before the session of court started. “Nothing has come unexpected,” she noticed.

Ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich was adjudged guilty of mass riot organization on December, 19, 2010. The court sentenced him to six-year imprisonment.



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