Norwegian police look for Breivik’s Belarusian bride

The Norwegian Prosecutor’s Office wishes to question the Belarusian woman who got acquainted with Anders Breivik via Internet.

According to the NRK television channel, Breivik made acquaintance with the woman whose name was Nadzia or Natasha on a dating website for Eastern Europeans. This information was provided by

The Norwegian Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that in 2005 the terrorist visited Belarus to meet up with his Internet acquaintance. Earlier the Belarusian authorities reported that Breivik had been staying in the country in the period of March, 4 – 11, 2005. However, an anonymous source in Belarusian force structures stated that the Norwegian had visited the country three times.

During questioning Breivik confessed to meeting up with the Belarusian woman in 2005 but refused to go into detail about their encounter. His close friend said that Nadzia (or Natasha) dated Breivik in an Oslo restaurant. This story did not have any continuation as the potential bride had an itching palm. Breivik even nicknamed her “Gold Hunter”.

The Norwegian police state that the Belarusian’s name is known and they will question the woman as soon as her current location is found. According to the NRK television channel, at the moment she is living in the USA after getting married to a European.


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