Yurij Chavusaw: Russia is the only guarantor of Belarusian stability

Belarusian political scientist, Yurij Chavusaw stressed that Russia will soften its policy towards Belarus, as Minsk is facing no other choice but to comply with Kremlin’s will. The EU, on the other hand, has no real possibility to influence situation in Belarus.

Moscow became now the main, if not the only, country that can guarantee Belarusian financial stability, according to Chavusaw. He also noted that in the past Belarus was able to obtain financial means from other countries, such as Iran, Azerbaijan, Venezuela and China. – Should Belarus release all the political prisoners, play out well the parliamentary elections, abolish death penalty, then she can hope for IMF credit.

Selling Bieltransgaz to Gazprom was like trading “family heirlooms”, said Chavusaw. In his opinion, Moscow expects further privatization of Belarusian companies. “We are now witnessing an assault of Ukrainian oligarchs, who are offered to buy Belarusian factories, because Ukrainian capital comes without a demand of systemic reform of Belarusian economy” – concluded Chavusaw in an interview with Belsat.



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